Introduction to website categorization API

Many companies need website categorization API to help them in their services.

An app which provides web content filtering e.g. needs to know if the given website that the user wants to visit is shopping, gaming, social media or other kind of website which the employer does not want employees to visit during their work time.

This is where website categorization API comes in and helps as it has already pre-categorized the websites (or can do that on the fly when then user enters the URL in browser or elsewhere.

When it comes to website categorization there are many definitions or so called taxonomies out there.

The most well known one is IAB from Internet Advertising Bureau, it is especially popular in the advertising sector because it is tailored to their requirements.

It has several different Tiers with some of the lower ones supporting over 400 different categories.

Here is an example of a few categories from IAB taxonomy:

Books and Literature
Business and Finance
Personal Celebrations & Life Events
Family and Relationships
Fine Art
Food & Drink
Healthy Living
Hobbies & Interests
Home & Garden
Medical Health

This is just for the top tier.

If you need website categorization for more refined categories you need to use Tier to Tier 5.

Useful resources for content  categorization: